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Baby's First Game is a game for Android™ designed specifically for infants toddlers and preschool age children. They will have fun learning about colors, shapes, numbers and letters. The skill levels are very customizable and can grow with your child. This game was inspired by Baby Smash by Scott Hanselman and watching the games my own kids were interested in.

Three mini-games provide a fun way to get familiar with and learn to identify colors, shapes, numbers and letters. Just for Baby is targeted specifically at infants and young toddlers. It teaches action/reaction while familiarizing baby with colors and shapes. When baby touches the screen, a happy shape appears. Find It! tests your child's ability to identify colors, shapes, letters and numbers by picking them out of a group. Pop It! is a fun way to work on your child's hand/eye coordination while "popping" shapes as they fly across the screen.

Just for Baby

As your child touches the screen a random shape will appear at that location accompanied by friendly laughter or a voice saying the color and name of the shape. This will help get your child familiar with colors and shapes. The settings may be adjusted to say only the color name or only the shape name. If you like you may also add in numbers and letters as well.

You may choose to turn off the color and shape voices and work with your child by asking the color of the shape that has appeared or to name the letter or number that has spun into view.

Find It!

Your child will be asked to find a shape among a group of shapes. As your child chooses a shape on the screen they will receive confirmation of success or encouragement to "try again".

The easiest level asks the child to find the shape that is a particular color. The intermediate level asks to identify a particular shape from a group of shapes. The highest level will ask the child to find a particular shape of a particular color where the shape may occur multiple times in the group.

Pop It!

Shapes, numbers and letters jump across the screen. The goal is to pop each one by sliding your finger across the shape. In the easiest level there is just a never ending stream shapes that just love to be popped. The intermediate level focuses on popping shapes of a specific color. For each correct shape popped the score goes up. For incorrect shapes, the score goes down. Each game is timed with the goal of achieving the best score. The highest level focuses on popping specific shapes, letters or numbers. Again, the score goes up for correct shapes and down for incorrect shapes.

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