When designing this site (and various other sites) I ran into a slight problem. I am not an artist. I am not a photographer. And I don't readily have access to graphic designers. I know if I try to create graphics myself, my web page design will look amaturish and cheap. I turned to the various stock image repositories hoping to find some useful images, royalty free, that I could use without restriction including comercial uses of the image. Of course there is very little available for free and even less that is truly free.

What is truly free? Royalty free for ANY purpose. Including comercial.

I am a supporter of free and open content. I've created a library of stock images that I'm providing free of charge under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. The images can be found here.

Creative Commons License

Yeah, I actually created these myself. The banner images above were cropped from a couple of the images. I don't think I did too bad but they still aren't quite professional quality I don't think. You may use/modify/redistribute these images free of charge for any purpose. Attribution does not have to be attached to the image or derivative works but instead may simply be provided in the fine-print copyright notice of your publication. Or not at all... I don't really care. Just don't claim they're yours.

I figure it is silly to have free images for specialized web graphics but to require attribution physically attached in a caption or something. That would really make them unusable for things like the graphics above. Unfortunately, many of the CC licensed images I found do not explicitly state this and it is unclear if I would be able to create such a graphic.

I am making this clear, you do not have to caption the image. You may use it any way you like. All I ask is for attribution in say, the fine print, where you print your own copyright statement (such as the one below) and/or trademarks used in your publication.

If you would like higher resolution images than what are posted at the link above, feel free to contact me. If you would like to participate or donate images of your own to my cause, please contact me at djrager@fourthwoods.com and we can discuss.